Welcome to Sojourn

This Weekend at Sojourn

Worship Gathering 10:30 AM to noon

We are IN the Mall of the Bluffs at 1751 Madison Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA.

Our Pastor – Jim Parker



What to Expect

  • Expect to feel welcomed, safe and secure.
  • Your regular style of dress is fine.
  • Piercings and tats are OK.
  • We move around a lot.
  • You only have to do what you feel comfortable doing.
  • We like to sing.
  • We like an interactive worship gathering.
  • People will talk to you.
  • You will not have to talk in front of the crowd.
  • There is coffee and donuts.
  • Mistakes happen, no one freaks out.
  • There is lots of talk about Jesus.

What about My Children

Sojourn loves children.  We have several.  There is a Children’s Ministry that teaches children 2 to 11 about Jesus.  We keep the children in the main worship area until the end of the singing, then we cut them loose to the children’s area with well trained adults.

Most of the new mom’s like keeping their infants with them and this is fine at Sojourn.